7 Pieces ABS Bathroom Set (MBS 360)
7 Pieces ABS Bathroom Set (MBS 360) Bathroom Set Bathroom Malaysia, Selangor, Kuala Lumpur (KL), Klang Supplier, Supply, Manufacturer, Importer | Modern Bath Industries Sdn Bhd
  1. Extra Big Mirror

  2. Tissue or towel holder

  3. Clothes hanger

  4. Bath shelf

  5. Double towel bar

  6. Toothbrush holder

  7. Soap tray (combination)


  • 100% Anti-corrosion ABS plastic material
  • 100% Chemical resistance ABS bathroom accessories
  • 100% Firm and strong after installed
  • A Acrylonitrile B Butadine S Styrene High impact resistant and heavy duty products
  • Heavy weight load products max 10kg
  • Modern, glossy and impressive design


*5 years products warranty

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